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Friday, November 11, 2011

Catching up

I am here in Lima, Peru, but I need to update my blog since I am a little behind! I have been so busy and traveling is exhausting. Thank goodness for siestas! I also am wiped every day from trying to express myself in Spanish all day. But here we go, back to Mexico.

All of the food was so good and the generosity of that family was so amazing to me. Señora Chavez has family that lives within a few blocks of her apartment, and because she told her sister I wanted to try some Mexican pozole, her sister one night made pozole from scratch (kind of labor-intensive!) and gave us some. It was delicious! Different from the pozole I grew up eating in the US and so good. Pozole is a soup made with hominy and a broth made from pork or chicken, and her kind was served with beef cheeks, lime, chile, and tostadas. How nice it must be to have family a block away that can give you tasty food all the time!

The neighborhood of Guadalajara I was living in was called Jardines del Bosque, a middle- to upper-middle class neighborhood. First, let me express how much I absolutely love this neighborhood. My pictures could not capture the colors, which were my favorite part. It is so different from what I was used to in Seattle, because I'm used to everyone having a little space between their houses and a front yard and definitely no bars on their windows. These houses have gorgeous, saturated colors, and each house is a little bit different. They also all have cocheras, which are like carports, but they are a locked gated area in front of your house in which to lock your car. Cocheras can be old or new, electric or not, metal or wood.

Here are some pictures of my neighborhood:

This is the church that my family attends, just 3 blocks from their place.

This is a photo of the glass that people put on top of the walls on their house to prevent birds and theives from perching there! I think it's really pretty, although I don't think that is the intent.

My host family! Juan, Aní, and Señora Chavez.

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