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Friday, November 11, 2011

Last Day in Guadalajara

On my last day in Guadalajara, I had plans to go on a free tour of the historical part of the city, but when I arrived I found out that the tour had left an hour earlier and I was on my own. I took myself on a little tour around the area and got some nice shots. Of course I left my map somewhere, a map that would allow me to write some just pictures will have to do.

I knew I wanted to see the Mercado Libertad, or Mercado San Juan de Dios as everyone calls it. Picture the largest indoor market you've been in, and then multiply it by 5. This place is HUGE! They sell literally anything you could ever need. Food, leather, birds, shoes, cds, candy, watch bands, lightbulbs, flowers, fake flowers, makeup, nailpolish, clothes, glasses, get the point. There are 3000 vendors. Every inch of the place is crammed with things. They really know how to use space efficiently! It is super hot, because not only is it stuffed with things, but there are many restaurants serving up all kinds of delicious Mexican and international foods. I was there around breakfast time and things were pretty steamy. I had to keep moving so I didn't get my stuff stolen (it's a hotspot for pickpockets) and so I didn't get pestered by vendors. I couldn't really take enough pictures that could capture the enormity of the place, plus I wanted to avoid flashing my camera around in such a crowded place.

There are about 4 of these giant ramp areas that I saw, for some perspective on the scale!

After my day touring around, I went home and got ready to leave to catch my plane. More on that next!

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