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Friday, November 11, 2011


The day I arrived in Guadalajara, the Panamerican Games were ending. Because of this, there were a lot of new buildings and public art around the city, including Rosafest, similar to Pigs on Parade, or Cows on Parade. Each of the 42 roses were created by an artist, funded by a company, and benifitted a cause or a certain country that was participating in the games. Guadalajara used to be called the City of Roses, and there were roses growing everywhere, but now there are less flowers and more trees.

Here are some of the coolest ones I saw:

This is the most special one, because it was made by hand by a team of people, coated with tiny tiny beads all applied by hand. It took something like 3 weeks working 18 hours a day for a team of 15 people to complete. Unfortunately I don't have the exact numbers so don't quote me! It has symbols of Mexico and specifically Guadalajara on it, and the precision is impressive, but of course difficult to capture because it is behind glass so no one will pick off the beads.

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