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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soledad's Birthday

On Friday of that week, it was Soledad's birthday, and I was invited to the party at her house. How fortuitous for me that I got to participate in a family birthday party! As I expected, everyone arrived about 1-2 hours after the party was supposed to begin, on "Peruvian time". Soledad served pisco sours, the traditional Peruvian cocktail made with lime, egg whites, pisco (Peruvian grape brandy), sugar, and ice, and algarrobina cocktails, which are made of pisco, egg yolks, ice, algarrobina, evaporated milk, blended and topped with cinnamon. The latter kind of tastes like a molasses milkshake, and I don't see how anyone could drink more than one of these.

Soledad made another chicken dish that was a lot like escabeche but served with yucca instead of potatoes. We sat and talked for hours and then around 11 put the floor rugs away and started salsa dancing. It was so fun! We took a brief break for cake, which was chocolate and lucuma (a Peruvian fruit that has an indescribable taste. Perhaps umami, Niki? :)) and then got back to dancing. My eyes were closing and I had to go to bed at 2:30 but the rest of them stayed up until 4. It was a great party and everyone had so much fun.

This is the traditional way to cut cakes in Latin America.

Soledad and me

Soledad and Lyonel

I have some beautiful photos of Lima but I am so behind that they'll have to wait. On to Arequipa!

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  1. No matter where you go, cake face is always the same! -> :D

    Your photography skills are coming along, it looks beautiful there. I miss you. I'm very impressed with your baby skills. Do you get to bring one home?
    I miss you!