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Sunday, January 29, 2012

School Relaunch and More

All of our busy busy work at the school is culminating in the relaunching of the school tomorrow. We are going to have a new curriculum, new rules, and even new hours. Other curriculums have been tried in the past, but this one has a lot of accountability written into it, so I am confident that it will last. Everything is going to be heavily documented and then it all has to be signed off by me or another school coordinator. It also helps that this curriculum was developed by several professional teachers.

During the extra hour we are adding at the end of the school day we will offer art, music, computer skills, and sports classes. Hopefully if things go well, we could have a Flora Tristan volleyball and soccer team and compete locally! Or at least just have regular weekend games. A big thank you to Cannon for buying me two Mavis Beacon discs (they have it in Spanish now!) and to my  mom for sending them to me. We plan on teaching the students at school (and possibly their parents on the weekends in the future) how to type, use programs like Word and Powerpoint, and eventually internet skills. We have a volunteer right now who teaches art back home, and she is developing our art program. The music class will soon incorporate dance, but in the meanwhile while we don't have any really dancey volunteers, it will just be teaching English language pop songs. Maybe if they decide to branch out they'll teach the kids the Electric Slide or something :)

Another project we're working on is getting psychologists, social workers, and nurses/doctors to lead workshops for parents and children on topics like bullying, domestic violence, nutrition, health, sexual health and any other topics that the community says they'd like to learn more about. Our first event will be on February 4th with a psychologist, talking about child development with the parents. I'm very excited! We are going to interview some social work students this week and set up a sort of internship situation with them so that they can run several workshops over the next few months.

Wish me luck, this week is going to be a hectic one!

To close, here's some more pictures of the neighborhood that the school is in:

The outside of the school

The corner shop where we go after school almost every day.

Yes, that is a dog wearing an alpaca pullover sweater.

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  1. It's so exciting that you get to make such a difference in the lives of these children! :)