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Friday, June 1, 2012

It's already June?!

Hey everybody!

Another update on HOOP, English teaching, and the happenings in Arequipa.

The founders of TNT, Jay and Luis, are currently in Arequipa and we are sorting out the transfer of information and processes from TNT to HOOP. After a very difficult meeting, we have ended up with the school, as we had planned and as is legally ours to run. Hooray! Now things can get rolling. The Flora Tristan English School continues to run smoothly, and my job as Volunteer Coordinator/Human Resources Director is just starting. The HOOP website will be launched around June 11 so you can check everything out. The logo looks great and it will be a really clean and easy to navigate site. If you haven't checked out our facebook page, it's
Here Priya and I are in the TNT office, where we will never work in again.

I am continuing to teach English at El Cultural, where I think I'm growing on my students since they bought me cake and said they wanted to take me around Arequipa. A really nice feeling, as they usually awkwardly laugh at my jokes and I can never tell if they like me or not!

Speaking of showing people around Arequipa, here's a short youtube video of Arequipa which shows some sights I see everyday (the cathedral), and some I have never seen (the inside of the monastery).

I have yet to buy my plane ticket home, and do not have enough money to buy a ticket since my only income is 600 soles/month ($225). I am asking you all a huge favor--donate or loan me money so I can buy my ticket home! To those who have donated already, thank you so so much. I need $825 more to buy a ticket home for the first week of September. My goal is to raise this money by the end of June so I can buy my ticket far enough in advance that the price won't go up. If you would like to loan me money, I can promise to pay you back by the first week of December, just write a note in the paypal box. Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

In Arequipa news, the weather is sunny and warm and the mountains are majestic. Same old, same old :)

Big southern hemisphere hugs,